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Below you can view some frequently asked questions. If you wish to get in touch in relation to any topic not covered below then visit the contact page where you can request a callback or see our contact details.

Can a portable toilet be placed anywhere on my site?

We will do our best to place your Portable Toilet anywhere on your site you would like, but we will only place units where they will be stable, secure and able to be serviced properly. Not placing units where they will be serviceable causes many potential problems, so ultimately we will only place units in locations that will keep your site safe and clean.

Do you guarantee that the portable toilet will be clean and germ free?

Absolutely! All portable toilet rentals are completely cleaned and sanitized before being delivered. We are committed to providing toilet units that are sanitary and comfortable.

How do you control odors in the Portable Toilet?

Our Portable Toilet units utilize detergent tablets, which works as both a sanitizer and deodorizer. Detergent tablets helps control odor in-between service, and as part of our regular service all odor is eliminated by waste removal and detailed cleaning. You can be sure that your workers or guests will be provided with access to clean and comfortable facility.

How frequently will the portable toilet be serviced?

In most cases, each unit is serviced once per week. Service includes restocking, cleaning and sanitization. Some circumstances can require more frequent service. If this is the case, we will adjust increase the service level to meet your needs demands. Basic weekly service is included in your rental fee.

How many portable toilets will I need for my project?

We will assist you in determining how many units are needed for your project. The number of units required will be determined by the size of your site, how many people you need to provide service for, and any regulations you need to adhere to. For large events, we have a great deal of experience in estimating the appropriate number of units for your expected attendancen.

How soon can a portable toilet be delivered?

While we offer same day and next day deliveries when possible, it is generally a good idea to make a reservation 48 hours to one week in advance. This will insure that units are available to meet your needs, and will give us time to schedule delivery without having to charge any extra delivery fees.

Will the portable toilets be wheelchair accessible?

If you require a wheelchair accessible Portable Toilet, we have appropriate units available. Simply let us know your needs when making your reservation, and we will provide a wheelchair accessible Portable Toilet that is sanitary, safe and ready to use.

delivery Portable loo ireland

Delivery & Collection

We provide a rapid delivery service and provide for collection at any location throughout Leinster


disabled Portable loo ireland

Disable Toilets

We have some specialised toilet units designed for disabled access and use.


 Portable loo ireland

Natural Light

Our Eco Friendly solutions feature translucent roofs to allow ample daylight into the toilet


 Portable loo ireland

Flushing Units

Toilet has a sealed tank - Ideal when there is no mains water or drainage available


The CleanLoo Difference

Our modern portable loos are among the most eco friendly and cost effective solution available when to comes to options for your event or workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions


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